Do you remember when hiring was this easy?

We do. Unlike countless of our competitors, who simply collect and add resumes to a databases, Portage Personnel uses leading end-to-end software, proprietary content and services that enables us to more effectively assess potential employees, in order to provide superior resources to our clients.

Our Professional Registered Recruiters ® have established a reputation of expertise by helping organizations and businesses within our community, recruit, indentify and hire great employees.

Whether you're looking to hire a new employee, or, if you're looking for new career change, call us, and see how “We put the Human, back into Human Resources” ®.


  • Every time I speak with the team at Portage Personnel I feel much better and much more positive about my ongoing job hunt (which can be a mighty depression causing experience some days). I have to add that even when I don't fully qualify for the positions Portage has available, its reassuring to know this company is keeping an eye out for all possible opportunities.

    I fully agree with Ms. Jones - they do treat you like a person...and call you back!

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